eWind Finalist at Bend Venture Conference

October 19, 2017 –David Schaefer is one of four CEO finalists presenting in the Social Impact category at the Bend Venture Conference.  This category is for companies with a mission to have significant and measurable social or environmental impact. https://bendvc.edcoinfo.com/edco-announces-the-final-four-social-impact-companies-to-advance-to-the-bend-venture-conference/


eWind Went to Germany

October 5, 2017 –Engineering team attends the 7th International Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC) at the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany


eWind Best Fest of 2017

September 14, 2017 –eWind participates in Oregon BEST  BEST FEST 2017 Cleantech Innovation Conference in Portland, Oregon.  Katie Schaefer is a featured panelist for the SBIR presentation

eWind Awarded SBIR grant from the USDA

September 1, 2017 –eWind is awarded a second Phase I SBIR grant from the USDA.  This award is 100k for Developing A Ground Station For Airborne Wind Energy Systems.  To date, the USDA has awarded 800k in funding for the development of our Tethered Energy Device System (TEDS)

eWind Patent

May 4, 2017 –eWind Solutions is issued their first patent – US Patent # 9,643,721 B2 for Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Devices, And Methods

eWind Flight Test

March 10, 2017 –SUCCESS!  We have a proof-of-concept for power generation!  eWinds team had successful stable test flights with our aerial prototype tethered to the ground station, producing power!

eWind New Warehouse/Offices

January 2017 – eWind Solutions moves out of 900 sq foot workspace and leases 3800 sq ft office/warehouse space in Beaverton, Oregon


eWind Solutions earns Phase II grant from Dept. of Agriculture

Dec 16, 2016 – We are overly excited to announce that eWind Solutions was granted a Phase II SBIR grant from the Department of Agriculture. The grant, which totaled $600,000, will be used for continued developments on wing design, and adding additional employees to our great team. The city of Beaverton, Ore. was kind enough to post a news release of our Phase II grant, which can be viewed here: nr-2016-ewind-grant-award-final. We greatly appreciate the support we receive from the Oregon Technology Business Center (OTBC) and the City of Beaverton, and we look forward to all we can accomplish in the… read more

DJC Oregon Talks About eWind’s Technology in New Article

Dec 16, 2016 Oregon’s Daily Journal of Commerce has written an article on eWind’s technology. To read the entire article,

“A Beaverton tech startup has designed a new system that can produce up to four times more energy than comparable static windmill generators.

The company, eWind Solutions, has designed a Kevlar and composite material aero-kite that will swoop figure-8s in the sky at heights up to 500 feet to produce energy. Tethered by an ultra-strong extruded polymer cord attached to a generating drum, the back-and-forth motion causes the cord to thread around the drum, rotating it like an old-fashioned lawn-mower pull-start.

Wind speed above ground level typically increases, sometimes dramatically. A seven mile-per-hour surface wind, for example, could easily be 15 miles per hour or more at 150 feet or higher. By floating the kite at a greater height, the system becomes more efficient than a windmill.”

eWind Solutions at ARPA-E Innovation Summit in Washington D.C.

Mar 1, 2016 eWind Solutions is headed to the ARPA-E Innovation Summit in Washington D.C. One of six energy related start ups in Oregon attending, eWind will showcase our tethered kite system to the 2,100+ attendees at the three-day program that aims to move new and emerging energy technologies out of the lab and into the real world. Industry experts and technology leaders will have the opportunity to experience the newest and latest technological advancements in the energy field, and attendees will be treated to networking opportunities, practical seminars, and have the opportunity to hear keynotes from some of the energy industry’s top leaders. This groundbreaking summit runs Feb. 29 to Mar. 2, and three of our team members – David, Brennan, and Sean – made the trek from Oregon to D.C. to share eWind’s technology with the growing alternative energy community. Good luck to eWind Solutions at the ARPA-E summit, and we hope to see more interest for our innovative technology after the… read more

eWind wins kudos at BEST FEST 2015

Sep 16, 2015 eWind recently attended Oregon BEST’s annual BEST FEST conference and came away with a nice, little win around our 2-minute pitch of our company to the conference.  We also got to meet Governor Kate Brown and many of our fellow entrepreneurs here in Oregon.  Thanks Oregon BEST!   http://www.ewindsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/20150910_Best_Fest_Pitch.mp4… read more


An exciting couple of weeks!

Mar 6, 2015- t has been some really good weeks lately for eWind. The culmination was a call yesterday from the USDA notifying us that our grant application had been approved!!! This is a major step for us and we are excited to share it with the world.   Besides from our first funding, we recently produced our first power: 10 Watts! It was a simplified version using off-the-shelf components. These two things combined with us having developed a predictive model for tethered flight, makes us really, really excited for the future!   We will keep you all posted and look forward to flying with you.   Cheers and enjoy the weekend.  … read more



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