Living without access to electricity is challenging.  Many people worldwide, particularly children, do their homework by candlelight.
Our mission is to provide a solution for bringing not only light to the 1.2 billion without access but also provide a means to improve their quality of life.  Electricity provides the ability to cook meals in a safe manner, provide power for water pumps for clean drinking water and crop irrigation, have refrigeration, charge cell phones, and other electronics, and enjoy amenities power provides that these people don’t currently have.


A lack of access to electricity means most families spend as much as one-third their monthly income on inefficient lighting solutions such as kerosene, candles, batteries, and diesel fuel.  Not only are these sources expensive but kerosene and diesel continued use contribute significantly to long-term health problems.  Providing a clean, renewable energy system that has an overall lower cost allows families more disposable income to spend on other priorities.



Toxic by-products are released when burning fossil fuel sources.  This not only creates a carbon foot print but also contributes to green house emissions. These noxious fumes create a myriad of health issues.  Over time, exposure leads to many diseases, predominantly
severe respiratory illnesses.  Open flames and areas without proper ventilation increase the chance of fires.  A clean renewable source of energy greatly reduces health and environmental issues.


We’ve all witnessed an increase in natural disasters in recent years, that have created catastrophic results worldwide.  Current sources of electrical supply means have been compromised and rendered inoperable after a natural disaster has occurred.
Our system is designed to be portable – allowing installation anywhere in the world there is access to airspace.  An established grid is not necessary for our system to operate.  Fore remote areas, the entire is air-dropped onsite and set up to generate power within hours.
The eWind TED is appropriate for refugee camps, island nations, remote areas where current wind/solar systems are not feasible, military applications, and other situations where the infrastructure is gone or has been compromised.



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